Sunday, September 6, 2015

Showing Underwear!

6 pairs of briefs and a recording.
You could choose a record by Eddie Fisher, Elvis Presley or Perry Como.
I missed that but it must have been fun.  I actually would love to find this in an antique store.

Today I share just random pictures found on the internet.

Panties by the box.
Pretty cool and I remember relatives that used to buy them that way!

Tampon Panty
I don't remember this one for sure, and I happen to be old enough to remember when tampons were first made.  Actually before because as a young teen I tried products out through the mail before they mass produced.  Yes I did that.  I can also remember at that time lady's saying "No, you can't wear those things you will lose your...(virginity)..shhh...Oh my goodness how times have changed.

Imagine the raciness of these little numbers
Perma Lift...for your brassieres...see that word?  Brassiere, do you know that is what they were called?

The "Swingy Bikini" and Shameless..see through Brassiere! (Bet that was a shocker).
You'll dream you're wearing your swingy pearls when you're wearing your swingy bikini!
Wow Swingy is the key word!
I wonder if they gave away a string of swingy pearls with your swingy bikini?

Check this out The Nipple Bra
I came from the burn your bra era the late 60s and 70s so we had our own shhh (nipples) showing.
I guess if you wanted to wear a bra and have the bra less look this is what you would wear.

"I can stretch a Shrinking Budget, I've a decorators touch.  The draperies I make myself cost little...add so much"! "And when it comes to undies I'm a penny stretcher too.  I look for the Spun-lo label, really nothing else will do"!
Let's see so she makes her own curtains and is a penny stretcher hmmmmm Spun-lo must have been the bargain brand panties...
I was wondering about the connection between curtains and underwear....guess that explains it...

self explanatory

Guess this one is self explanatory!

Chart for underwear now
(missing the string bikini)

1908 as shown in 1920 photograph
Can you imagine how hot, tight and heavy this must have been?

What the Modern Women were wearing!

I can't leave the men out, well can I?
Showing their long underwear off!

 Oh my goodness!

I'll end with Marilyn

You can go find your own Victoria's Secret Catalog if you want to see more underwear!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sewing For School Projects

photo credit

I'll have to admit that I've just about taken the summer off from creating anything at all.  It was a time of enjoying the children, grandchildren and friends.  A time for rest and outside work.  I hope you've been enjoying your summer and are getting ready for back to school and winter indoor activities.
Today's post will include a number of links for sewing projects. Each link has numerous projects for you to see and make if you wish.

Crazy Little Projects:  25 Things to Sew for Back to School

Free Kids Crafts:  Sewing Projects

I think that these projects will keep you busy for awhile.  Enjoy and happy back to school!

While looking for these links I was reminded of one of my cousins Christine, who loves to sew also.  This year she and the family are going through a very difficult time with one of her children. Little Clara has DIPG an inoperable tumor of brain stem. I'd like for you to pay her page a visit and give them your love, prayers and comments as they go through this trying time.
Thank you!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kyndal's Art Featured

Kyndal at Art Exhibit held in our local museum 

Today I'm sharing Kyndal's Art Exhibit that was held the month of January.   I apologize for the delay but have wanted to share for some time. 
Those of us that have creative blogs know how we collect projects.  We have so many things going on in our creative circles and in our minds that sometimes things are put into a special place.  They are not forgotten only held until later.  Join me as I share this art project from my little niece Kyndal.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bloggers Make The Best Friends!

I'd like for you to meet Kathy.  She is such a very nice person and so talented.  Not long ago I received a surprise package from this lovely friend and her husband Tom I'd like to share it's contents with you now...


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